Friday, January 11, 2013

a joyful 2012

God is good. though there was something which broke our hearts in 2012 He gave us many reasons to cheer for last year. my miscarriage last april was our saddest moment that year but we easily recovered because there were more things to be happy for and worth remembering.

the dream lot
it's last year that He provided us the resources to pursue a dream which jude and i have even before we got married, which is to live someday in tagaytay area. jude was able to purchase a lot on a discounted price near potter's ridge hotel in alfonso, cavite. we're able to pay the equity and we're hoping that we could settle there soon. we do miss the promdi life. :D

"it's green everywhere i look."

my access to freedom
lol. pardon me but they say that having your own automobile is your access.... though learning how to drive is the freedom itself (and that's what i don't have until now). finally jude's 4-year old plan of giving me my own car had finally come true. the kids never stepped inside jude's old trooper again... their mommy, too. hehe.

yes. i still don't know how to drive and i am disappointing the husband.

the trips
travelling is the only luxury that our family has so when it comes to trips deprivation is not in our vocabulary. we started early this year as we joined a camping of our old mountaineering club on january.

at the camping ground of JE camp and resort in tanay, rizal.

we were busy last march as we went to davao city as a family, and brought my mama in hamilo coast before she left for her hometown in general santos city, south cotabato.

at pearl farm, samal island, davao

the boys with their ate rhea, a cousin, in pico de loro resort hotel garden

we joined another camping last april care of our former mountaineering group as the boys enjoyed their first one.

at the MMS kiddie camp in tagaytay

it was last may when jude and his friends from don bosco organized a summer outing for their families. since i liked the JE camp resort for its amenities and cheap rate i recommended the place to them. so off we went to JE camp again last may...

the whole gang in the lobby of JE camp and resort hotel

then for our 7th wedding anniversary last october, jude and i both agreed to celebrate it in las casas filipinas de azucar resort in bataan. we loved the place and the food in its resto. hehe.

we spent a lot of time posing and taking photos in almost every nook of the resort

we didn't expect this trip but since the damage is only minimal on our part off we went to subic, zambales last november. ;D

our signature pose. jude never forgets this... inigo, too.

lastly is our trip with jude's bosconian friends and their families in baguio last december.

at the strawberry farm in la trinidad

jude's achievements
2012 was a good year for jude career-wise as he was not only promoted he and his team also brought two milestone awards for their company. one of these awards is the reason why we were in subic last november. :)

good health, good vibes, and abundance of goodness
what i loved about last year is that the boys we're almost sick-free especially iñigo who is prone to cough and colds. he started 2012 with a cough but thank God that we found the right doctor who's practicing homeopathy medicine and it seems that iñigo is hiyang with it. jude and i also also jog more often and picked some healthy habits last year. home-made malunggay tea, anyone? hehe.

we also learned to simplify our lifestyle--we minimized our unnecessary expenses and saved more. we became more in touch with our priorities and values. we started to share our time and served in the marriage encounter of our parish; and also of our resources so we can give back to the community.

last but most important of all, our marriage and family life has never been this good. we still have bad days but we're almost oblivious on these. we learned how to bring peace to one another and love unconditionally. the kids were our sources of pride and delight. it's almost everyday that I have something new to tell jude about his kids. needless to say that they are our real treasure, which inspires us, their parents, to be good stewards.

may these love, good health, and abundance be blessed us to us again this 2013. and if God finds us to be worthy to have another child again, then this year is going to be perfect. all glory to Him! :)

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